This blog describes some of the work I am developing as a starting place for my MA Fine Art Digital research September 2014.
This post shows examples of my work processes which investigate the perception and re-presentation of experience through process. By re-using the remains of previous processes as a continuation of ‘trace’, the works explore the fluidity of experience and the impossibility of preserving, quantifying or measuring it. Physical action provides agency which spreads contagious activity and conversation.
Recent work responded to location and considers the paper archive and emotional affect.

The relationship between physical sensation and embodied memories intrigue me, especially when confused or ‘faulty’. Forgetting rather than remembering.

Unscheduled II (2010) was a performance emanating from a mutual recollection
and recreation of an experience of bereavement, and thread which was repeated using the material residue of previous action. Collaboratively documented using photography, video and drawing, it was otherwise unwitnessed.
Graphite pencil drawings (2013) were made using the printed documentation images as reference, scanned as .pdf then converted to .jpeg for uploading to the blog.
A similar series of drawings (2013) were made by tracing in graphite pencil from the printed documentation images.
The tracings were then layered in a linear sequence.

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At the site of a now derelict paper-mill, large rolls of paper were floated in the mill race and then retrieved.
The debris was laid out using it to draw on the grassy mounds of bricks left at the site and photographed for documentation.
Drawings were made by tracing over the images on the computer screen and then overlaid.

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In response to the same location I invited an audience to cover me with personal bank statements from the previous decade.
This was interpreted, by those who had not witnessed the covering, as a sculptural piece.
I continued conversations with those around me, my voice disembodied and my presence not immediately recognised until my emergence sometime later.


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